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September 18, 2015, 12:00 AM

Science In the Bible 1 Fall 2015 Part 1

     There Are 9 Pages To This Syllabus At The Bottom Of Each Page You will Find A link To Each Page.

  Syllabus for Science In the Bible 1                                    1st Semester Fall 2015 
                                                                                                       Instructor:  Steven Waldron
                                                                            Contact Info: 

Purpose:  To show that the Bible is the fount of all scientific knowledge.  While the Bible is not a scientific Book per se, it does show a Designer and Giver of Scientific Laws i.e. God Who created all things in this manner.  Hence the Bible is an accurate rendering in all statements.  This does not preclude certain colloquial statements understood by most, such as “sun rise”, “sunset” etc.  
     So science, properly understood, agrees perfectly with a correct understanding of the Bible.

Facilitation:  This Course will consist of the following –

1)    4 two hour Class sessions on Monday and Tuesday Sept. 7 & 8, and again on Oct. 5, 6.

2)     Successfully reading the textbook “Creation Versus Evolution” by Dr. Arlo C. Moehlenpah, affirming the same, and filling in the 

Workbook that goes with the volume.

3)    Writing 2 five page papers on 2 separate topics from the textbook.  1 of the topics can be a general discussion of creationism versus evolution.  No other sources need be sighted, but clear, concise reasoning must be used.

4)    Attendance, in accordance with Indiana Bible College policy, is required.

5)    Along with attendance, notes must be taken in each class.  The notes must be given in hard copy for grading, or sent electronically in a format accessible with a Microsoft based system.
Your Final Grade will be given for:  Successfully reading the Textbook, Successfully and adequately completing the accompanying workbook, the two 5 page papers, and the Notebook.  20% is given for each segment.

All work is due in by the end of the business day on Friday, December 4th 2015.
Please affirm the completion of the textbook reading requirement on one of the 2 five page papers.   
Science affects us in ways big and small everyday.  We are truly living in the prophesied day that knowledge shall be increased (Daniel 12:4).  But with the help of God, this time of expanded knowledge can lead to an expanded knowledge and distribution of that knowledge about the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.   

                     Study Guide for Science In the Bible 1
The Long War Against God – These are books from the 19th Century detailing secular sciences debates with revealed Christianity.

-    This would go back to idolatrous cosmogonies and pantheons dating rather immediately after the fall:  Sumerian, Egyptian, Akkadian, Babylonian etc.  Among these would be the Enuma Elish and the Atrahasis Epic.

-    Thales of Miletus, considered to be the founder of modern science, spawned a new realm of exploration and explanation in Classical Greece, but again was met with failure and diversity of guesses and postulations about the realm of “noemea”, that which is real.   Evolution is found among the Greeks, with Democritus and Aristotle, among others.

-    The Romans were more concerned with practical feats, such as engineering, and hence philosophical thought was considered abstract and impractical.  

-    Byzantium, the Islamic world, and the Chinese all had brief flourishes with science, but nothing substantial.

-    The Renaissance of the 1400’s in Europe, among other things, was a desire to find the truth about things, no matter where the investigation took them.  This led to the Reformation.  And the Reformation led to modern science as we know it.

-    The Scientists during the age of discovery, from about 1530-1730, primarily felt they were “thinking God’s thoughts after Him”.  They saw organization in the observable world.  This to them was sufficient evidence for a Designer.  

-    They were then able to discover “laws” of science.  There was a mechanization in the natural world.  Things were repeatable and observable, and hence theories became laws.  Also there was a certain order about things.  If God created this to be so, wouldn’t He act at least somewhat similarly in other fields?  They then could discover His handiwork in vast fields of knowledge, because they knew in a sense how He operated.

-    It is during this time period that the foundation was laid for nearly every discovery that we make use of today.  

-    Christian scientists continued to discover the observable world and its laws, down to the time of Darwin, and with Pasteur and others, beyond Darwin.

-    Today, Darwinism is the Wizard of Oz.  It only operates behind a veil of authority, an edifice of education and degrees.  But behind the curtain are men, who have false bankrupt ideas that are actually destroying mankind.  Abortion, sexual immorality, wars, psyhcobabble, lack of absolutes, amorality, relativity, inverted environmentalism, extreme animal rights, a confusion of origins, racism and a lack of connection with the past are some of the things that are harming our world.     

-      In most of the “Christian” West, Christianity has been labeled anti-science.  But in reality, Science is just the codification and application of the observable world.  And absolute Truth, which Christianity possesses, is the best platform to accomplish that.  When we have Truth, properly utilized, it helps to see Truth in every facet of existence.  

The Scientific Method is:

Hypotheses – An educated guess so to speak.

Test – To see if your hypothesis is correct


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